“Principal Protection for Private Placement”

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Principal Protected Private Placement Mortgage (PpM)

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What is a Private Placement Mortgage? Simply speaking, this is a mortgage loan which is not funded through an institutional lender (Bank), however is funded through a Reg D 506c Private Placement Offering to Accredited Investors, or another single source lender.  The real estate acquisition is typically a target acquisition of a company which is in the business of purchasing and managing cash flowing real estate.  A Private Placement Memorandum is produced (part of our iLIFE Capital System) with the target real estate as the cash flowing asset of the company (normally structured as a bankruptcy remote Cayman SPV).  The Real Estate opportunity is placed in our iLIFE Portal where Accredited Investors see the investment opportunity and subscribe.  The Investors are educated in our Portal to hedge their real estate investments with a hedging investment in our PrincipalProtector Capital (“PPC”) investment opportunity, providing absolute returns on 100% of (combined) invested capital.  The PPC provides an average 12% return on the hedge investment amount in our PPC - spread over both the real estate opportunity investment and the PPC a 6% (combined) IRR is achieved.

At the end of a 10-year term, the PPC returns 100% of the PPC principal investment, and the real estate is refinanced to return 100% of the principal Real Estate investment (100% of the combined initial investments).  The investors have earned a 6% IRR over the term with 100% principal more here