Principal Protected Private Placement Mortgage (PpM)

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To understand our REA, you must first read the home page and linked page 2, describing the basic PpM concept.  In the REA model, the Real Estate Buyer simply chooses to pay 12% to 14% Interest Only for the term and at the end of the term owns the real estate outright - no refinance is necessary at 10% Interest for 10-years returns the real estate buyers principal to investors and the 12% coupon of the PPC pays a combined 6% IRR over the term to the investors and returns the other half of the principal at the end of the term.  The extra 2% to 4% of the real estate buyers coupon provides an additional 1% to 2% (combined) to investors making their total IRR 7% to 8% over the term.  All other terms and conditions at the other described structure as re the same, except investors are given a higher coupon rate, thus IRR verses an equity participation.

The arbitrage (leverage) of the PPC returns combined with the higher coupon payment by IssuerCo accelerates the real estate buyers equity position - 100% initial funding and 100% outright ownership possible in a 10-year term.  So the difference between the two models comes down to Do You Want Cash Flow for the term?...or Do You Want Accelerated Equity?

With the advent of new favorable rules and regulations under the JOB Act and recently developed SEC-compliant tools & systems for technology-driven finance, we have established investment relationships which provide for relatively non-correlated returns for our PPC.  These sources provide us absolute returns and principal protection enabling combined yields of 6%+ consistently over a 10-year horizon.  All invested capital is also senior secured by the underlying real estate on both sides of the investments (real estate and PPC).

If you have a qualified real estate acquisition, please contact us for further discussion and due diligence toward a potential client licensee relationship through our iLIFE Capital System licensing.

We Provide highly marketable deal structures and a turnkey system that attract real SEC compliant and proven capital raising system for technology-driven finance that enables the qualified self-issuer to Successfully Raise Capital within the shortest period of time!  We can successfully implement these PpM strategies for you.

“The Real Estate Acquisition & Arbitrage Accelerator” (“REA”)